Corporate Neurofeedback Training


Corporate Neurofeedback Training

 In order to have a successful organisation, it is essential for stakeholders to stay on the cutting edge of technology, to increase productivity, have excellent operational plans, to provide fantastic service and to come up with new ideas on a regular basis.

Why Corporate Neurofeedback Training?

The Brain Gain Neurofeedback System using Corporate Neurofeedback Training will help professionals and employees to be decisive, creative and productive, while prioritizing and strategizing with ease.

Today’s business environment is very competitive and results in:

  • Overload, stress and diminished performance from relentless productivity demands
  • Eroded confidence and self-esteem created by rapidly changing skill requirements and job assignments
  • Increased demand for personal responsibility and accountability arising from empowerment and emphasis on teamsThe Brain Gain Neurofeedback System will create:
    • Emotional Balance
    • Faster Problem-Solving
    • Easier Decision-Making
    • Increased Alertness & Focus
    • Sense of Personal Power & Control
    • Mental Stamina & Toughness
    • Increased Creativity

    As the name implies, Brain Gain aims to improve cognitive abilities, thereby equipping the client to achieve peak performance. Brain Gain Neurofeedback is a registered Closed Corporation in South Africa and has been actively involved in positively changing people’s lives, since 2001. Our business approach is encapsulated in our positioning statement of “Changing the world, one person at a time”.

What drives our business?

We believe that there is a genius in every person and we actively pursue opportunities where we can help organisations and individuals unlock the potential to achieve peak performance. We have a clear strategy of using our collective skills and understanding the role of individual efforts in the success of the organisation, to develop a unique value proposition to clients.

Our Values:

Wherever in the world we operate, we strive to live by our core

values of:

  • People
  • Excellence
  • Transformation
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Integrity &
  • Performance
Step 1: TESCA
At Brain Gain we evaluate a client’s cognitive ability in detail before and after training. This is essential because it helps to identify attention problems and determine the success of training by comparing results before and after training. Our clients complete the TESCA test that was specifically developed in South Africa. This comprehensive test measures 6 attention abilities, and screens for emotional and specific cognitive developmental issues that may hold someone back from reaching their full potential. The test takes 30 minutes to complete and the results are analyzed and recommendations are made.
Step 2: The INTERESTING part!
Using the flow of healthy, oxygenated blood to the frontal lobe of the brain while a client participates in a cognitive activity (watching a program or playing a game), a feedback mechanism is created which indicates – in real time – how much attention the brain is paying to the task at hand. As long as the client remains focused on the activity, blood flow is naturally maintained or increased (through a clever physiological mechanism known as Neurovascular Coupling) and the program continues to play. The moment that the client becomes distracted and attention wanders, activity in the frontal lobe decreases, followed almost instantly by a drop in the blood flow and the program comes to a halt, alerting the client to their loss of focus. Only once they have regained their concentration and restored blood flow, does the program re-start.
Step 3: The EXCITING part!
Each client now does a second TESCA to compare post training results to pre-training results.

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