Mushrooming To Success


I met a mushroom farmer in 2015 and his explanation of the intricacies of mushroom farming struck a chord in my heart and mind. Mushroom farmers have to manufacture their own compost from scratch. The compost goes through a 4 week process, it is aerated, washed, heated and sterilised. The process is not complex, but it takes discipline and determination to create the perfect compost. The farmer told me that if he worked the compost half-heartedly it had a major impact on his yield. We are not talking kilograms, we are talking a loss of tonnage.

This was a very important lesson. In order to succeed in business and in life, we have to be consistently working at it.
Today`s society has a distorted view of success. Success is usually measured by how much we earn or how many things we own or how hard we work or how many social media followers we have. I believe that a successful person has a balanced life. A balanced life means a person is happy, healthy, fit and has good interpersonal relationships. When one lives a balanced life it becomes easy to mushroom to success and wealth is inevitable.

So the question then is how do we achieve a balanced life? The first step to balance is to create a physiological environment in the brain, conducive to learning and integration. Your mind is fertile soil, whatever is planted will yield a harvest. What you imprint into your subconscious and believe, is linked directly to what happens in your life.

We talk to ourselves at roughly 1 200 words per minute, which means we are constantly feeding our mind and our body information. It is startling how we are constantly programming ourselves often in a negative manner. Mostly we are not even aware what we say to ourselves. It is even more frightening to realise that everything we say to ourselves is transformed by an area in the hypothalamus into neuropeptides which are sent out to every cell in the body and thus we program ourselves every day, all day, not realising the immensity of the consequences. So perhaps, to be successful, you need to change your self-talk.

Make positive “now” statements; “I am successful….My life is balanced…I am happy…” If we plant negative thoughts, our bodies secrete inhibitor chemicals which block or limit the flow of electro-chemical impulses. When people think positive thoughts they secrete neuro-transmitters which facilitate thinking, learning and creativity.
Your mind is the fertile soil, be disciplined and determined to manufacture excellent compost, plant the seeds of positivity and every cell in your body will permeate success.
Our life is what our thoughts make it.

Marcus Aurelius
Happy planting!

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