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What are the benefits of neurofeedback for ADHD and ADD?

Attention problems, ADHD and ADD

By assisting people with attention problems, ADHD and ADD to improve their ability to concentrate, focus and perform; they receive the benefit of coping better at school and work and can improve the quality of their social interactions and personal lives. Scientific studies support the use of neurofeedback training for AD(H)D. While many of the studies make use of EEG neurofeedback, HEG (the type Brain Gain uses) has been shown to be as effective, requires fewer sessions, and has no reported negative side-effects. Research studies are indicating that neurofeedback provides a highly effective alternative treatment for AD(H)D, and in some cases may be more effective than stimulant medication.

“My son Jack was diagnosed with ADHD in 2012 (Grade 2). His concentration levels were very low, resulting in impulsive and disruptive behaviour. His reading skills level was also well below the norm, and his confidence and self-esteem were very low. As a family we opted for Brain Gain over Ritalin, which was reinforced by the feedback of the first TESCA – Jack is not a candidate for medication. After having gone through the recommended sessions, Jack has shown a huge improvement in concentration, his behaviour has modified and his self-esteem and confidence levels are up. From a child achieving 2’s and 3’s in 2012, he has achieved 4’s, 5’s and 6’s in the 1st term of 2013. His reading skills have dramatically improved as well. I would highly recommend Brain Gain as an alternative or supportive treatment for kids with ADHD! Thank you to Jolize for her many months of patience. She as a passion for kids and has been wonderful for Jack.”

Sharon Poyner

I would like to say a BIG Thank You to Brain Gain for the remarkable difference I see in Dhiyaar. He is not as hyperactive as before, can sit still individually and after his sessions at Brain Gain, he is calmer, happier and more willing to learn than ever before. His teachers have noticed a tremendous difference in him at school as well as after-care.His attention and concentration levels have definitely improved and I would highly recommend Brain Gain to all ADD/ADHD kids rather than stimulant drugs. I spent lots of hours researching ADD as I didn’t want to expose my child to harmful drugs and was so relieved to find Neurofeedback Therapy and I can confidently say “IT WORKS” !!!

” My dogter Tristoné is ‘n besige kind. Haar Gr R Juffrou het my ingeroep om te sê dat daar ‘n aandag probleem is, sy sit nie stil nie en praat verskriklik baie. Ons het haar laat toets by Brain Gain Upington en kan met trots en dankbaarheid sê dat dit werk. Sy kry nou sterretjies vir haar werk, haar Juffrou sê daar is so ‘n verandering in haar dat dit onwerklik is. Haar gedrag het verbeter en haar konsentrasie het soveel verbeter.

Ek is so trots op my 6 jarige sterretjie. Baie dankie Brain Gain – Jackie, vir die geduld en moeite wat jy, nie net met my kind nie, maar met elke liewe kind insit om hulle te help. Ek sal dit met lof aanbeveel as jy weet jou kind het hulp nodig.

Baie dankie.”

Joannie Thompson

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