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Step into our dynamic world of HEG Neurofeedback Training, where the power to improve focus is at your fingertips. Our innovative techniques harness the brain’s natural abilities to enhance cognitive performance by increasing blood flow to the brain.
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When people have lived long enough to arrive at retirement, a stage of life that needs to be enjoyed and not endured, many often experience challenges in their health, mind and emotions that ruin this beautiful part of their lives.

Pre and Primary School

It’s a well-known fact that, even if your child had the brain capacity of a genius, he/she will struggle academically if concentration is a problem. At Brain Gain we strive to address the root cause of concentration issues and NOT just the symptoms.


In order to have a successful organisation, it is essential for stakeholders to stay on the cutting edge of technology, to increase productivity, have excellent operational plans, to provide fantastic service and to come up with new ideas on a regular basis.

High School and University

If you are in high school or at university, Brain Gain can help you to learn how to concentrate better! Concentration is the key to academic success, and indeed almost every task, but what if our Brain has actually never really learned how?

Peak Performance Training

Training your brain to peak efficiency means greater performance in all areas of your life. Whether you are a sportsman, musician, pilot, surgeon, salesman – the list is endless! We can help you to UP YOUR GAME!
We use Neurofeedback HEG to train the brain to focus on the task at hand thus leading to increased performance

At Brain Gain, we help individuals to reach their full potential in life

Are you looking for a simple, affordable and empowering solution to boost your concentration and cognitive ability? Look no further, because HEG Neurofeedback Training is here to help!
Our neurofeedback training program is specifically designed to assist individuals with ADHD/ADD and other attention-related difficulties. We also offer neurofeedback peak performance training for people without attention problems who want to reach the top of their class, sport or profession.
Young people with attention problems often struggle with mathematics and languages at school, and we therefore also provide extra tuition using a government-approved program.
Our clients undergo the TESCA assessment, which is a locally created evaluation to assess their attention, identify any emotional and learning difficulties, and track their progress.

Leveraging decades of expertise, our team has successfully administered over 30,000 tests globally.

From Young to Old


Focus attention effectively and maintain it on one task


Control emotions and impulses


Maintain a sense of purpose


Respond appropriately to the demands of a specific situation

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